No, I do not know how to play the bongo.

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This site is a partial collection of projects that I’ve worked on and posts about some interesting concepts I’ve learned and cool places I’ve travelled to.

I’m currently in my final year of college majoring in Computer Science. My primary interest is software development, and more specifically - building cli tools, backend development and artificial intelligence. I also enjoy participating in programming competitions once in a while.

You can find my resume here.

When not writing code, I can be found playing table tennis, backpacking across the Indian subcontinent once in a while, explore the city I’m currently living in and attending local music and theatre events.


I’m currently a Research Intern at Center of Engineered Therapeutics, Harvard Medical School working under Dr.Shiladitya Sengupta on a statistical modelling project based on critical care patient’s data to make beneficial predictions about the patients’ health.
I’m also a student researcher at Next Tech Lab, which is a QS Award-winning student-run multidisciplinary research lab. My area of research involves working with deep learning architectures and integrating them with scalable web applications.

I have previously interned at Thomson Reuters and OpenGenus Foundation as a Software Engineer.

I’m also a Co-Founder of SRM CP(Competitive Programming) Club, which is the first competitive programming club of SRM Institue of Science and Technolgy. This club aims to encourage and spread the culture of competitive programming with regards to improving problem-solving abilities.
The club has more than 200 active members participating in online programming contests hosted by popular websites such as CodeChef, Codeforces, etc.


I’ve recently picked up public speaking, trying to make my stage fright go away and also share some cool concepts I come across.

Here’s the list of talks I’ve given and yet to give -


You can always message me on Twitter, Facebook or just shoot me an email.
I’m also down for freelancing work and you can find my resume here. Again.